Startup Spotlight: Bot MD

Bot MD is a Singapore-based clinical assistance platform for doctors that raised a USD5m Series A in February 2021 led by Monk’s Hill Ventures, with participation from SeaX, XA Network, and SGInnovate. Bot MD participated in Y Combinator in 2018. EMPEA spoke with Co-Founder & CEO… Read More

Startup Spotlight: Arya

Arya, an India-based agtech focused on post-harvest services for farmers, just raised a USD21m Series B from EMPEA Members Quona Capital, Omnivore, and LGT Lightstone Aspada. We spoke with Co-Founder & Managing Director Prasanna Rao about how Arya is driving post-harvest efficiencies and how it relates… Read More

Insights into Brazil’s Silicon Valley

VC investment in Latin America has grown dramatically since 2017, with Brazil leading the way. Listen to a discussion with SoftBank, Valor Capital Group and Brazilian VC Canary, moderated by EMPEA’s Managing Director of VC Julie Ruvolo, on why it is a good time to invest in Brazilian tech. The… Read More

Startup Spotlight: BukuWarung

BukuWarung, an Indonesia-based bookkeeping and payments platform for micro-merchants, recently raised a reported ~USD10-15m from investors including DST Global, Soma Capital, GMO Venture Partners, and a serious roster of angels, after completing Y Combinator’s accelerator program in the summer of 2020.  Founded… Read More

GPCA Member Profile: Oria Capital

Oria Capital primarily invests in B2B technology companies in Brazil, with a focus on enterprise software solutions. What are the drivers of growth for enterprise software in Brazil? How do you source your investments? Enterprise software and SaaS companies are typically mission critical, scalable, with recurring revenues and “sticky” contracts. Read More

Startup Spotlight: SparkMeter

SparkMeter is a provider of energy grid management services, hardware, and software across 25 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Based in Washington, DC, with offices in Kenya and Nigeria, SparkMeter recently raised a USD12m Series A from Clean Energy Ventures, Breakthrough Energy Ventures (co-founded by Bill Gates), and… Read More

GPCA Member Profile: Gulf Capital

Gulf Capital has been investing across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and in neighboring markets since 2006. Please describe the opportunity set across the Middle East and North Africa, and in the GCC in particular. How do these markets differ on a local and regional level and what makes them… Read More

GPCA Member Profile: Navis Capital Partners

Navis Capital Partners has been making mid-market investments in ASEAN since 1998. Please describe the opportunity set in ASEAN at both the regional and local level, how do investment opportunities vary across the individual markets in which you are active? The opportunity set Navis pursues in ASEAN is focused on… Read More

EMPEA Chief: Private Capital Doesn’t Stop

Private Equity International caught up Cate Ambrose, Chief Executive of EMPEA, discusses why the pandemic and increasing political isolationism underscores the need for more private capital in emerging markets, and to find out how she is positioning the association in a post-covid world. Read more  … Read More

GPCA Member Profile: Gaja Capital

How has Gaja’s investment strategy evolved over the past 16 years as a mid-market fund manager in India? Has increased participation from global GPs seeking large cap deals changed the opportunity set for Gaja? Since its inception in 2004, Gaja’s focus has been on investing in mid-market growth businesses –… Read More

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