EMPEA Board Resolution

WHEREAS, Sarah Alexander served with distinction and dedication as President and CEO of the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association from 2004 through 2012; and

WHEREAS, Sarah Alexander gave unsparingly of her time, energy, knowledge, and leadership during her full tenure as EMPEA President and CEO; and

WHEREAS, under Sarah Alexander’s leadership EMPEA has expanded into a global network of more than 300 firms representing almost 60 countries; and

WHEREAS, Sarah Alexander leaves behind an organization that is in strong fiscal health, a staff that is highly prepared to continue EMPEA’s member services and programs, and an active and expanding research and data program that members value as the heart of EMPEA’s value proposition;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Members of the Board of Directors of the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, meeting in regular session this 17th day of January 2013, express their individual and collective gratitude and respect for Sarah Alexander; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this action shall be communicated to all the Members and affiliate organizations of EMPEA to serve as evidence that the Members of the Board of Directors believe that the Members of EMPEA universally acclaim their sincere appreciation and best wishes for the future to Sarah Alexander.