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Thursday, 25 October 2012


Masterclass Registration & DFI Meet and Greet


Fundraising Masterclass Opening Remarks

  • Sarah Alexander, President and CEO, Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA)

Fundraising Masterclass Module 1:  DFI Seminar – Back to Basics and Differentiating in a World of Qualified Proposals

  • What are DFI’s institutional priorities in adding new managers, strategies and geographies? How often and how much do those priorities change and how can managers stay current?
  • What approach do DFI’s take toward co-investments? Direct investments?
  • What gets a manager in the door? What gets a manager invited back for additional meetings?
  • What missteps can most hurt a manager vying for DFI commitments?
  • Fund structuring hot buttons: what do DFI’s look for to ensure alignment of interests?
  • When to move on:  DFI views on re-upping for follow on funds, and when should GPs graduate to private investor capital?

Faculty Firms & Presenters:

  • CDC Group plc: Mark Kenderdine-Davies, General Counsel and Company Secretary
  • DEG: Steffen Suhany, Director and Head of Equity / Mezzanine Asia & Europe
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Anne Fossemalle, Director, Equity Funds
  • European Investment Bank (EIB): Jesper Persson, Senior Investment Officer, Private Equity (Africa/Caribbean/Pacific)
  • European Investment Fund (EIF): Jean-Philippe Burcklen, Head of Lower Mid-Market
  • FMO – Netherlands Development Finance Company: Annette Berendsen, Manager Private Equity Africa 
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC): David Wilton, Chief Investment Officer, Manager Global Private Equity Funds
  • Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC): Jay Koh, Head of Investment Funds and Chief Investment Strategist


  • Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA): Jennifer Choi, Vice President, Industry & External Affairs


Networking Lunch (Open to GP & DFI delegates)

(GP Only) Fundraising Masterclass Module 3:  Best Practices in the Current Fundraising Climate

  • If institutional investors are tending to write fewer but bigger checks, how do you raise funds for SME/middle market funds?
  • What role do placement agents play and what are the pros AND cons of working with placement agents?
  • What are the limitations of placement agents in light of recent regulation and what do placement agents do and not do?
  • What various strategies do placement agents recommend?  How can fund managers tailor strategies for different LP audiences or securing capital from non-traditional sources?

Faculty Firm & Presenters:

  • MVision Private Equity Advisers: Mounir Guen, Chief Executive Officer
  • MVision Private Equity Advisers: Ophir Shmuel, Director
Networking Break
(GP Only) Fundraising Masterclass Module 2:  Legal Strategies: Protecting GP Interests  AND Maintaining Competitive and Marketable Positioning to LPs

  • What are the key elements and stages of the documentation process and how does this process work?
  • What are the latest trends in private equity terms and conditions?
  • What is the range of market terms and LP/GP pressure points?
  • Structuring an ideal term sheet
  • Partnership negotiation strategies: when to be flexible and when to hold firm?

Faculty Firm & Presenters:

(GP Only) Fundraising Masterclass Module 4: War Stories – Lessons from the Field

  • What presentation materials best help LPs assess the value of your opportunity?
  • What do LPs want to see more of in the pitch book?  Less of?  How can a manager best tell their story in a way that stands out?
  • How important is a fund’s branding in the eyes of LPs?  What can a manager do to create an effective brand, including the name of the fund?
  • How can a manager make the most out of the in-person pitch?  What can managers do to put their best foot forward in the diligence process?
  • What are the real costs of raising a fund? What are some strategies for making time on the road more cost-effective?
17:30 Closing Remarks