GPCA tracks private capital investment in startups in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Central & Eastern Europe and the Middle East through privileged access to an extended network of member firms, global investors and entrepreneurs.

Twenty years ago, tech was an investment silo. Today, tech innovation permeates all industries, from manufacturing and real estate to healthcare, attracting investment across asset classes, from venture capital to private credit and private equity. 

Our work looks beyond the headlines to identify where entrepreneurs are adapting the best ideas from around the world to local contexts — and who is funding them.

Trends in Global Tech

Investments in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe and the Middle East

The 2021 Trends in Global Tech report, powered by GPCA Research, traces VC flows across our markets, identifying key and emerging sectors of investment, and measuring the scope of global collaboration through co-investment data.

Startup Spotlight: Lynk

Lynk is a Hong Kong-based expert network that raised a USD24m Series B in January 2021 from Brewer Lane Ventures, MassMutual Ventures and the Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund. Lynk connects investors and businesses with a global network of over 800,000 experts.

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Additional tech coverage in Latin America is available through LAVCA, the Association for Private Capital Investment in Latin America, including a dedicated tech newsletter, research team, VC/tech reports and directories and programs for tech investors.