As digitization spreads across industries and with the continued growth of venture capital, tech investment has grown to represent the majority of private capital activity in Asia, even amidst the global correction in 2022. This report examines some of the contours of the changing tech investment landscape in China, India and Southeast Asia, with a focus on emerging trends and cross-border insights.

Key Insights:

  • In China, investment activity has shifted decisively towards deep tech, which accounted for 71% of tech deal value in 2022. Biotech, semiconductors and electric vehicles (EV) are benefitting from regulatory shifts and growing investment from local and international investors alike.
  • Both Chinese and Western investors have increased their activity in Southeast Asia.
  • In India, investment in consumer tech and fintech has declined from 2021 highs, but EVs have emerged as a key area of investment, with strong support from the government.
  • Consumer tech and fintech continued to dominate the tech investment landscape in Southeast Asia in 2022. In India and Southeast Asia, agtech has grown despite representing a nascent sector of investment.

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