Inside Private Capital is GPCA and LAVCA’s collaborative online Executive Education series, which features practitioner-led trainings for private capital investors in Asia, Latin America, Africa, CEE and the Middle East.

Programs leverage an unparalleled network of carefully vetted senior industry professionals and seasoned deal makers. Practitioner faculty combine a first-hand understanding of local contexts across regions with up-to-the-minute knowledge of global standards.

Each training features original, case-driven content in a live, virtual format that maximizes peer-to-peer learning and interaction with practitioner faculty.

Inside Private Capital trainings are free to GPCA and LAVCA Members as well as guests of DEG and FMO.

Who Should Attend

Inside Private Capital trainings cater toward a diversity of individuals from GPCA and LAVCA’s various global regions, producing opportunities for relevant discussion and useful networking. Prospective attendees include fund managers and investment professionals working with portfolio companies. 

Trainings are free to GPCA and LAVCA Members, as well as GP guests of DEG and FMO.  

​See a list of firms that have attended previous trainings here.

Our Partnership

The Inside Private Capital series is sponsored by DEG and FMO in partnership with GPCA and LAVCA​.

Virtual Medium

Inside Private Capital’s virtual format enables top-tier faculty, and participants located across the globe to come together to discuss one key topic, enabling a richer sharing of ideas in a convenient and low-cost format. 

of program participants reported that they will be able to use or apply the knowledge gained through the training in their present role.

of program participants reported that they would recommend this program to others.

Practitioner Faculty

​We engage faculty from institutional and fund investors in order to provide participants with different viewpoints and a comprehensive picture of the topic at hand.

​Past training practitioner faculty members include:

Hoda Abou-Jamra
Founding Partner and Asia Managing Director
TVM Capital Healthcare
Felipe Albertani
E&S Development Specialist
Emma Biddles
Portfolio Operations Director, Environmental and Social
Navis Capital Partners
Natasha Buckley
Vice President of ESG
Dr. Bettina Boekle
Senior Sustainability Manager
DEG Invest
Pamela Fung
Executive Director, Head of Asia Pacific
Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners
Farah Khan
L Catterton
Sanjay Gujral
Chief Business Officer
The Everstone Group
James Magor
Director, Responsible Investments
Kate Mitchell
Scale Venture Partners
Benjamin Murray
Chief Operating Officer
Cypress Creek Partners
Michael Octoman Senior Partner and Chief Operating Officer
Navis Capital
Jen Petrini
Principal Investment Officer
Andrea de la Piedra
CEO & Co-Founder
Johanna G. Posada
Founder and Managing Partner
Elevar Equity
Mauricio Salgar Managing Director Advent International Colombia S.A.S.
Monika Schlesinger
ESG Officer
TVM Capital Healthcare
Christopher Walker
Principal and ESG Chairman
Alisa A. Wood

Past Trainings

Assessing and Reporting on Climate Risks

18 January 2024 | 8:30-10am ET

Evolving LP expectations and industry standards highlight the vast array of physical and transitional climate risks inherent in investing in today’s global markets. This fund manager training presented models for assessing climate risks in portfolios and included practical first-hand insights from GPs at the company level.

What Does it Take to Raise and Execute on an Impact Fund Today?

21 November 2023

In this training, practitioners shared on-the-ground insights on the current expectations and interest in impact investment, both among LPs and within the ecosystem as a whole. Leading GPs discussed the challenges and opportunities inherent in raising a dedicated impact fund and what approaches and resources are required to succeed in this space.

The Climate Crisis: What GPs Need to Know and Do About Physical and Transition Risks and New Areas for Investment

2 November 2023

The training featured key industry players sharing industry standards on how to conduct due diligence, manage, measure and report on climate outcomes are evolving, and how LP expectations vary greatly.

Increasing Participation of Women in Private Capital

27 June 2023

This training featured key industry players who are laying the groundwork for organizational change in their firms by providing practical systems, processes and recommendations about how to attract more women and support their career progression.

Understanding the Private Credit Continuum: A Playbook for PE Investors

9 March 2023

In this training, practitioner faculty explored Private Credit’s instruments, their benefits and risks, and how Private Capital managers can incorporate them into their programs can be a challenge.

ESG in Venture and Tech Investing

24 January 2023

In this training, practitioner faculty addressed how to tackle ESG when investing in technology, especially in early-stage companies.

Negotiating with Co-Investors

27 October 2022

This training highlighted the context for co-investment opportunities, and how to effectively close deals with LP partners. Practitioners include GPs leading co-investments, LPs who are engaging in the process, and funds of funds who will speak to their experience in negotiating and closing deals and discuss potential pitfalls.

Alternative Fund Structures: From Conception to Execution

September 2022

In this training, practitioner faculty addressed how to design and implement alternative fund structures such as continuation and evergreen funds.

Implementing Effective ESG Practices

February 2022

Session 1: Consolidating and Communicating ESG Information

​​Session 2: Designing and Resourcing an Effective ESG Reporting Structure 

Increasing Participation of Women in Private Capital in Latin America

October 2021

Session 1: First-Hand Insights from Industry Veterans

Session 2: Leadership’s Role in Attracting and Retaining Female Talent

Session 3: Overcoming Unconscious Bias at the Organizational Level

Cultivating LP Relationships in the Pandemic Era

July 2021

Session 1: Adapting LP Relationship Building to 2021 Realities

​​Session 2: Navigating Due Diligence in the Current Environment

Meeting LP Expectations on ESG

April 2021

Session 1: Fund Reporting: Fulfilling DFI and Commercial LP Requirements

Session 2: Practical Lessons for Implementing ESG in Companies and Projects

Alumni firms

Advent International
Affirma Capital
African Infrastructure Investment Managers
Alaya Capital
Alta Growth Capital
Amadeus Capital Partners
Aqua Capital
Axxon Group
Baring Vostok
Capital Alliance Nigeria Limited
Cento Ventures
Cerberus Capital
Colony LatAm Partners
Crescera Capital
ECP Private Equity
Elevar Equity

Fondo de Fondos
Gilsco Partners
GK Ventures
Gramercy Funds Management
Gulf Capital
Iporanga Ventures
Jaguar Growth Partners
Kandeo- Asset Management
Linzor Capital
LIV Capital
Loyal Valley Capital
Mediterrania Capital Partners
Mubadala Capital
Myanmar Strategic Holdings

Novastar Ventures
Open Space
PC Capital
Polymath Ventures
Portland Private Equity
Quona Capital
Riverwood Capital
Salkantay Ventures
South Suez Capital
SPE Capital Partners
TC Latin America Partners
Teja Ventures
The Yield Lab LatAm
TRG Management LP
Trilin C Global
TVM Capital
Unison Capital Inc
Volpe Capital

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