EMPEA Concierge – A Members-Only Scheduling Service Accessing EMPEA’s World-Class Community


LPs, are you looking to meet with GPs or LPs from EMPEA’s experienced community of emerging market investors?

GP Members, are you traveling to a particular city and looking to meet LPs through EMPEA’s global network?


Through our EMPEA Concierge services, we will reach out to our network in your city of choice and schedule your meetings. With our market knowledge, EMPEA will arrange your meetings taking into account location and travel time between appointments so that you can be as efficient and effective as possible.

LPs, when you are traveling to a particular region and wish to meet GPs, or other LPs, you can contact EMPEA Strategic Engagement who will facilitate introductions and create a complete schedule for you, at no charge. EMPEA relies on its world-class Member Community and GP Market Map as key tools for these scheduling requests.  

GPs, with Concierge, a paid service,when you are planning travel to a particular city and wish to meet LPs, EMPEA Strategic Engagement will reach out to our global network of LPs (both Members and non-members) on your behalf and schedule meetings. You will also receive a list of all LPs contacted, along with any and all LP responses received. For those LPs who accept appointments, we will provide you full contact details. In order to protect the privacy of and preserve the relationship with our LP contacts, we are unable to provide personal details for those who do not accept the introduction or provide us permission to do so. 

Concierge is a paid service and EMPEA operates it on a cost-recovery basis; therefore, no EMPEA member dues are used to subsidize this service.

EMPEA requires approximately two-months advance notice to research and reach out on your behalf.  In addition to your travel plans and schedule availability, we will need from you a short firm description, which we will include in the body of the introductory emails sent.

MEMBER testimonial

“This is extremely helpful and it was a great service. Certainly the EMPEA reach is deep and with adequate notice from the GP it is a very useful road showing tool.”

Stuart Bradley, Joint Managing Partner, Phatisa