Be an Emerging Markets Private Capital Ambassador: Join the EMPEA Member Delegation to cultivate long-term relationships with global LPs

Over 600 LP:GP one-on-one meetings have now taken place with EMPEA Immersions

EMPEA, with the support of local institutional investors and regulators, has created a closed-door, intimate forum in LP hubs across the globe for senior-level practitioners to discuss private capital investing in high growth markets. Immersions play an important role in EMPEA’s mission-focused objectives to develop the asset class and build greater connectivity between emerging market private capital fund managers and international investors.

While EMPEA provides many unique opportunities for our Members to meet with LPs throughout the year, EMPEA Immersions is the full-service experience at an all-inclusive rate. EMPEA acts as the convener of stature and the EMPEA team manages all the logistics for you, including in-market travel, accommodations, airport transfers, meeting management, LP outreach and even, visa processing where we can assist.


What is EMPEA Immersions?

EMPEA Immersions is a comprehensive, multi-day, multi-city initiative for EMPEA GP Members and institutional investors in financial hubs for a closed-door, senior-level discussion forum on private capital investing in high growth, emerging markets. With EMPEA as convener of stature, we have designed this platform to help LPs and GPs to cultivate productive, long-term relationships by catalyzing insightful and rigorous fact-based group conversations, followed by one-on-one meetings, all focused on the emerging markets private capital investment opportunities across Africa, Asia, CEE/CIS, the Middle East and Latin America.

This is not a fundraising marketing roadshow, nor a conference. Inherently selective, EMPEA Immersions are small, intimate gatherings designed to be value-adding and informative for all participants, as well as complementary to EMPEA’s other programs and conferences. LPs are invited to continue the conversation at upcoming EMPEA events.

Why should I attend?

EMPEA has seen the value of one-on-one, LP-GP interactions over our decade-long work to foster a vibrant investment community for emerging markets and grow the asset class. Based on consistent feedback from our GP and LP Member Firms, we know it works in achieving our shared goal to build relationships and expand the investor base. Over 600 LP:GP one-on-one meetings have now taken place with EMPEA Immersions, join us and be an ambassador for emerging markets private capital.



  • Save time and expense! An efficient method for meeting top-tier GPs and leading institutional investors
  • Establish relationships with successful, global emerging markets private capital investors
  • Gather market intelligence and insight on private capital opportunities in high growth markets


  • Invitation-only, complimentary, half-day local program
  • Exclusively for senior-level practitioners
  • Institutional investor-designed content
  • Roundtable discussion, one-on-one meetings with top-tier GPs and leading LPs, plus presentation of EMPEA industry data 

Find out what past GP and LP participants have said about Immersions »

Fund Manager Application Process

EMPEA Immersions is open to EMPEA Fund Managers only and space is limited to a maximum of 10 Member Firms per trip. Applications are accepted based on advance knowledge of the preferences of attending LPs and a first-come, first-serve basis among qualified EMPEA Members. To reserve your place or find out more about future Immersions journeys, please call +1.202.333.8171.


Which institutional investors and fund managers attend?

Participating LPs:

EMPEA reaches a broad spectrum of institutional investors with various depths of experience in emerging markets from those currently investing to those seeking more information to do so in the future. Participants include private and public pension funds, family offices, foundations, endowments, insurance companies and other asset managers. The institutional investors join us because they have interest in emerging markets private capital. Each qualified institution has been invited to our closed-door session to learn more about investing in emerging markets and about the opportunities, risks, and returns across regions, countries or sectors; and to hear EMPEA Member views on these markets.

Participating GPs:

The EMPEA membership community engages top tier fund managers who share in the organization’s belief that private capital is a highly suited investment strategy for emerging markets, delivering attractive long-term investment returns and promoting the sustainable growth of companies and economies. EMPEA has always maintained the policy that each Member must submit two references with their membership application; thus over the past decade, we have built a network of outstanding investors committed to the association’s mission, industry best practices and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange. GPs participating in the Immersions program must also undergo a market-specific legal and regulatory briefing at the start of each trip.

Are there costs to participate?

For LPs, who meet the qualified institutional investor criteria and receive an invitation or confirmation from EMPEA, there are no participation fees and Immersions strategically takes place across global financial hubs to reduce the time and travel costs needed to meet emerging market fund managers.

For GPs, in addition to international travel, each EMPEA Immersions has a participation fee applicable to the fund manager’s account to cover the arrangement and management of all in-market logistics, including regional travel, accommodations and meals. The “all-inclusive” nature of EMPEA Immersions allows you to optimize costs and focus on building relationships instead of managing logistics. Due to the differences in costs for in-market travel and accommodations, fees do vary between each Immersions trip.  



GP and LP Testimonials from EMPEA Immersions Nordics and EMPEA Immersions Middle East

“I was favorably impressed with the excellent content and organization of the program. EMPEA was able to attract LPs which I might not have been able to meet otherwise.” Thomas C. Barry, President & CEO, Zephyr Management, L.P.

“The EMPEA team organized an excellent Immersions schedule which combined a great blend of talking points in an overall forum, in-person LP interaction and informal dialogue. Happy to have participated!” – Srinivas Chidambaram, Managing Director, Jacob Ballas Capital India

“Immersions is a whole new level of engagement. We look forward to joining future Immersions.” – Sunil Chawla, Partner, Jacob Ballas Capital India

“Immersions gave us a great opportunity to meet and engage with key investors in a region that we have not previously covered actively. It was well-organised and we had valuable interactions with investors and even other GPs.” – Emile du Toit, Head of Infrastructure Investments, Harith General Partners

“We appreciate the fund managers traveling into Oslo to see us. This is a highly efficient use of our time and, of course, does not require travel on our part. Thank you EMPEA. Come back soon with even more GPs next time.” – Norwegian institutional investor

“We like the format, and the way EMPEA carefully considered LPs’ time and constraints. We brought two team members from our office to participate, which was helpful for our small team. We found this a highly useful session.” – Danish institutional investor