EMPEA membership is open to a broad range of institutions, including GPs, LPs, emerging markets business associations, private equity professional service providers, multilateral institutions, academic institutions and other organizations. 

EMPEA membership runs on an annual cycle beginning April 1 – March 31. Those applying for membership between April 15 and July 1 will be invoiced for the current year on a pro-rated basis. After July 1, new memberships will be invoiced to include the annual fee for the next full membership year in addition to the remainder of the current membership year, pro-rata.

You can submit the completed application to membership@empea.net.

Click to download the EMPEA Member Benefits at a Glance PDF

“While there are certainly challenges for the industry, the opportunities abound in our target markets and globally, making a global association like EMPEA more relevant than ever.”
Drew Guff, Managing Director & Founding Partner, Siguler Guff & Company

“EMPEA plays an important and energetic role across the markets it represents, driving outreach and research initiatives, and promoting the role of private capital.”
Brian Lim, Partner and Head of Asia and Emerging Markets, Pantheon Ventures

“EMPEA represents the leading global investors in EM. I look forward to working alongside to drive much-needed capital for financing entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide.”
Renuka Ramnath, Founder, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Multiples Alternate Asset Management Private Limited