Asia Members Meeting & Reception

15 February 2024

Control Risks Office

GPCA hosted its first Asia Members Meeting on 15th February 2024 in Singapore.

The Asia Members Meeting discussed investment opportunities and risks in Indonesia in 2024, against the backdrop of Indonesia’s presidential elections and shifting socio-economic landscape.

Key takeaways include:

  • Under the next administration, Indonesia remains attractive for private capital investment given its strong fundamentals; a large and emerging middle class, continued economic growth, and a young and growing workforce. 
  • Indonesia continues to be a bright spot in Southeast Asia. Fintech remains a top invested vertical, while Agtech and Healthtech have gained traction.
  • While investment opportunities remain, especially in tech-enabled sectors, exits remain a challenge. 
  • Given the upcoming transitions, a thorough understanding of the new leadership and its policies is essential, as so with any new government, underscoring the importance of rigorous due diligence in both new and existing investments.

A huge thank you to our speakers Adrian Li, AC Ventures, Fernanda Lima, LeapFrog Investments, Chee-Yan Wong, Northstar Group, Daryl Ng, HarbourVest Partners, and Achmad Sukarsono, Control Risks, with closing remarks by GPCA Asia Council Chair and Board Member Brian Lim.

GPCA’s presentation slides are available for download here. Our reports can also be accessed on our website. Our next report on 2024 Industry Data and Analysis, will be published at the end of the month. You can be notified by subscribing to our newsletter.

GPCA’s next Asia Members Meeting will be on 25 April. We hope to see you there.