AVCJ India Private Markets Investor Spotlight 2021

AVCJ India Private Markets Investor Spotlight 2021 | 17 March 2021 | Live Virtual Briefing

With the pandemic wreaking chaos on financial markets and company finances around the world, certain industries and sectors have been hit hard whilst others have been a beneficiary of the disruption. India encapsulates both extremes with record-breaking deals on one end of the spectrum and high level of distressed companies that have seen their businesses decimated by Covid on the other.

It is fair to say that global investor interest in distressed opportunities currently is high given the dislocation in the market, as well as the peaked interest in the sectors that have been turbocharged like healthcare, telecommunications, IT, and e-commerce. India has strong fundamentals, with a compelling story for growth investment in the high-performing sectors, as well as an active distressed market, so overall it is poised for a significant boost in investment activity.

The India Private Markets Investor Spotlight will gather a diverse audience of 400+ attendees to discuss the latest investment opportunities for LPs in the world’s 5th largest economy along with the winning strategies GPs are employing to effectively navigate the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities in the next 12 months.

It is a unique opportunity to discuss the investment landscape with an elite group of fund managers and meet a large delegation of LPs that are actively looking to commit capital.

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