Chinese Private & Distressed Debt Investing – Opportunities & Challenges

An EMPEA Professional Development Webcast

As private debt continues to grow as an asset class, China distressed debt investing has come to the forefront of investing opportunities. The continuous slowing of the Chinese economy and a growing selloff of non-performing loans heighten the pressing need to understand this unique investing option, especially when the growth story is no longer the only play for China.

Join experienced investor in Chinese distressed debt and special situations, Mr. Benjamin Fanger of Shoreline Capital, and a veteran lawyer of Chinese investments, Mr. Howard Chao of O’Melveny & Myers, to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing this strategy.

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Speakers Include

Benjamin Fanger
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Shoreline Capital

Mr. Fanger co‐founded Shoreline Capital Management, Ltd. in 2004 to invest in distressed assets and special situations in China. The firm currently manages about US$780 million on behalf of institutional investors from North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Mr. Fanger works with the team to formulate the company’s investment strategies and is involved in sourcing, analysis, negotiation, restructuring and liquidation related to acquiring and disposing distressed assets in China. He has worked directly with Chinese sellers, borrowers, judges and high‐level government officials throughout the investment cycle. Prior to establishing Shoreline, Mr. Fanger was involved as a founding member in the start‐up and exits of several firms, with the majority of his career being China‐focused. He has done work on Chinese nonperforming loan investments and private equity deals with the field’s leading team of attorneys. Mr. Fanger has been fluent in spoken and written Chinese for seventeen years. He also holds a JD and MBA from the University of Chicago and is a licensed attorney in the State of California.

Howard Chao
Senior Asia Advisor, O’Melveny & Myers LLP

Howard Chao is an investor, lawyer and counselor to entrepreneurs. He began his work life as a corporate lawyer at O'Melveny & Myers and practiced for many years as a cross-border investment specialist based in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley. During his many years of legal practice he was involved in a broad variety of transactions in China, including some of the first and largest NPL transactions. He also was for many years the Chair of his law firm's Asia practice. In recent years Howard has moved over to the principal side of investing and deal-making. He invests and participates in a variety of sectors, including tech, real estate, special situations and other projects. He works primarily in Silicon Valley and China, with an emphasis on cross-border related deals.