Impact Measurement Workshop | London

9 October 2019, 9:00 am to 12:30 pm | No. 4 Hamilton Place, London

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have helped investors identify social and environmental issues to address as a means of achieving a more sustainable and inclusive future for all. Investors and capital allocators play a pivotal role in reaching these goals, but, in order for them to fully and most efficiently address these global challenges, a rigorous approach to impact measurement is required. Comprehensive guidelines and benchmarks are key for these stakeholders in understanding what creates significant positive impact, in tracking progress toward delivering the SDGs, and in better incorporating the tools needed to assess and measure outcomes.

EMPEA is therefore partnering with the Impact Management Project (IMP) — a forum for building global consensus on how to measure, compare, and report impact — to provide an Impact Measurement Workshop on 9 October 2019, with the generous support of CDC Group. In this interactive session the IMP’s Chief Executive, Clara Barby, will take participants through the emerging standards and best practices that have been agreed to date.


Week of Events:

Sustainable Investing in Emerging Markets Summit
8 October 2019 | Sheraton Grand Park Lane

EMPEA Members-Only Reception
8 October 2019 | No. 4 Hamilton Place

EMPEA and IMP Impact Measurement Workshop
9 October 2019 | No. 4 Hamilton Place

Private Equity Masterclass
10 October 2019 | EBRD Headquarters

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