Inside Private Capital: Alternative Fund Structures: From Conception to Execution

7 September 2022


In this training, practitioner faculty will address how to design and implement alternative fund structures such as continuation and evergreen funds.

This interactive session will:

  • Discuss what is driving the appetite for new fund structures, including continuation funds and evergreen funds, in global markets
  • Determine what structure is viable in different deal contexts
  • Explore financial sustainability mechanisms in the context of new fund structures
  • Discuss how GPs should work with LPs and DFIs on these structures
Practitioner faculty include:
  • Mehdi Gharbi, Senior Partner, AfricInvest
  • George Janssen, Senior Investment Officer, FMO
  • Mani Saluja, Partner, Global Head of Funds & Co-Investments America, Quilvest

​​​​​​Inside Private Capital is made possible through support from DEG and FMO.

GPCA members are invited to register at the discounted rate.

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