57 Stars Webcast Series: What is Mission Critical Post COVID-19?

Key technology trends in emerging markets and their persistence

About: We are living through a unique period of accelerated technology adoption by corporations and consumers in emerging and developed markets. Growth in user adoption levels that was expected to take place over a period of years has occurred in a matter of months. As we look ahead to a world with a readily available vaccine or advanced therapies to help mitigate the impact of the virus, what companies and technologies will demonstrate persistence and become mission critical? What key characteristics do you look for to consider the persistence of a company or technology? Why are tech-enabled companies in emerging markets uniquely positioned to continue to rapidly scale in a post-COVID world? What sectors in emerging markets are particularly well positioned? What is the opportunity for new entrants, particularly companies based in emerging market technology hubs but with a global customer base?

Join 57 Stars managing director Cheng Chee Mun and executive director John Engel as they lead a discussion with Howard Morgan and Raj Ganguly, two of the co-founders of B Capital Group, a leading venture firm with a global reach and key strategic relationship with the Boston Consulting Group.

This is the second in a series of webcasts hosted by 57 Stars to present unique perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on investment conditions over the next few years through dialogue with our global network of private equity general partners.