Side Letter: PE’s allocation outlook

According to the Global Private Capital Association, the amount of Middle Eastern capital deployed into Asia-Pacific, either investing out of a fund or via co-investments, grew by 253 percent from $2.8 billion in 2019 to $9.9 billion in 2023. Read more. Read More

How Clean-Energy Investors Tame Emerging-Market Risks

Concerns about the risks tied to developing regions prevent many clean-energy investors from putting proportionally more money into those markets, but amplify potential returns for those who do, several investment firm executives said Tuesday. “About two-thirds of the capital raised in the power sector is going to[investment] strategies in the… Read More

Chart Watch: Six Mid-East asset owners making a push

Cross-border investment activity from the Middle East to Asia has gained momentum, with total cross-regional private capital deal value cumulatively reaching $83 billion since 2020 to 2023, compared to $14 billion from 2016-2019, according to a February 2024 report by Global Private Capital Association. Read more. Read More

Side Letter: PE’s Dirtiest Words

From tech leaders to blockbuster exits, private capital in Central and Eastern Europe has moved forward despite ongoing war in Ukraine. The technology sector remains a bright spot, with both PE and VC firms targeting tech-enabled business and a globally competitive STEM talent, according to a report from the Global… Read More

Investors pile into Brazil’s first sustainable bond

While private capital funds focused on climate strategies in developing countries enjoyed a bumper fundraising year in 2021—pulling in $6.2bn—that figure fell back to $2.7bn last year, according to the new Global Private Capital Association research. This year, the funds have regained some momentum, raising $2.4bn by the end of… Read More

Malaysia-based Navis Capital Partners eyes $1bn for ninth fund

Both fundraising and deployment in the private credit space have gained ground in the Asia-Pacific region, reaching record levels last year, according to a report by the Global Private Capital Association. The region saw $11.2 billion raised across 27 funds in 2022, a 42% increase over 2021. Read More

Hinduja in Talks With Private Debt Funds for About $800 Million

India has become a hotbead for private credit activity, in part because regulation forbids local banks from extending loans for mergers and acquisitions. Over the last five years, the country notched up the highest investment volume in Asia, according to research from the Global Private Capital Association, a body representing… Read More

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