Interest in Emerging Markets Private Equity Climbs, EMPEA Survey Finds

Pensions & Investments

By Hazel Bradford | May 15 2018

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Private equity limited partners’ interest in emerging markets improved slightly this year, according to EMPEA’s 2018 Global Limited Partners Survey released Tuesday at a Washington conference.

The highest proportion of respondents since the 2014 survey, 88%, said they plan to maintain or increase the dollar value of their commitments to emerging markets private equity over the next two years. The 36% of those planning to increase allocations is up from 29% in 2017 and the highest since 2014, when it was 41%.

Larger institutions with more than $10 billion in global private equity allocations were most likely to decrease their allocations to emerging markets, while three-fourths of respondents with less than $100 million in that category plan to increase the value of the commitments, the survey found.

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