Milestone Strategic Partnership – Global Private Capital Association and Middle East Venture Capital Association to Collaborate

Announced at Abu Dhabi Finance Week – GPCA to have a permanent, significant presence in the UAE

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 29 November 2023: The Global Private Capital Association (GPCA) and the Middle East Venture Capital Association (MEVCA) announce a significant strategic partnership during Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2023.

The partnership will see New York- and Singapore-headquartered GPCA, establish a permanent presence in the Middle East, with the support of MEVCA and the Abu Dhabi and regional ecosystem.

The strategic move reinforces MEVCA’s standing as a leading platform in the region for Growth and Venture Capital investors. MEVCA members will have an enriched membership experience, gaining access to GPCA’s global network.

Both associations will collaborate, innovate, and invest in the region’s strong venture capital landscape via various, dedicated initiatives. This will build ties among GPCA member investors around the world in the Middle East.

The partnership between GPCA and MEVCA highlights the region’s dynamic investment landscape, as the UAE’s investor-friendly policies and regulatory reforms attract global venture capitalists. VC investment activity has surged since 2021, bucking global tech funding trends, with data from GPCA’s 2022 MENA Data Insight report showing MENA-based start-ups raised US$1.1bn in Q2 2022.

Cate Ambrose, CEO and Board member of GPCA, said:

“The Middle East is emerging as an extraordinarily dynamic hub among global economies, and we are excited to play a role in the region in partnership with MEVCA. Our joint mission is to contribute to an investment ecosystem where innovation and capital translate into long-term sustainable and inclusive growth, in close alignment with local entities.

Noor Sweid, Chairperson and founding member of MEVCA, stated:

“This partnership with GPCA is a testament to the strength and potential of the Middle Eastern venture capital landscape. We look forward to driving impactful collaborations, fostering innovation, and creating valuable opportunities for our members.”

Salem Mohammed Al Darei, CEO of ADGM Authority:

“We are delighted to witness the establishment of this milestone strategic partnership between the GPCA and the MEVCA. The decision by GPCA to establish a permanent presence in the UAE, specifically in Abu Dhabi, underscores our growing prominence in the global investment landscape. As ADGM continues to foster an environment conducive to innovation and investment, this collaboration is yet another step that will contribute significantly to the growth of investment and innovation opportunities for stakeholders. ADGM looks forward to facilitating the initiatives that will arise from this partnership, further solidifying Abu Dhabi’s position as the ‘Capital of Capital’.”

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About GPCA

The Global Private Capital Association, which was founded as the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA) in 2004, is a non-profit, independent membership organization representing private capital investors who manage more than USD2t in assets across Asia, Latin America, Africa, Central & Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

United by a long-term investment approach, our members are fund and institutional investors including private equity, growth equity, venture capital, private credit, real assets, pension plans and sovereign wealth funds, among others.

Our mission is to connect and influence key market participants, promoting the sectors, strategies and deals that will drive investment returns and meet societal needs. A cornerstone of GPCA’s work is generating proprietary data, intelligence and deal cases to drive transparency and showcase innovation from across global markets.

With headquarters in New York and Singapore, GPCA includes LAVCA, the Association for Private Capital Investment in Latin America, which operates as a parallel membership organization with its own dedicated team and board.

GPCA is supported by a dedicated group of professionals, including its Board of Directors, Leadership Councils and Management Team.

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The Middle East Venture Capital Association (MEVCA) serves as a hub dedicated to the advancement of the venture capital industry in the MENA region. MEVCA’s mission is to foster a comprehensive ecosystem for venture capital by serving as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, policy advocacy, and the promotion of sustainable best practices throughout the region.

Serving as the focal point for venture capital and private equity firms, international investors, and various stakeholders, MEVCA provides mechanisms for measuring, managing, and mitigating risks, instilling best practices in the region. By establishing and disseminating these standards, MEVCA is accelerating the growth, global presence, and reputation of the MENA region as a hub of innovation.

MEVCA is committed to shaping the future of venture capital in the Middle East and North Africa by uniting the industry’s key players, advocating for positive change, and providing the resources needed for success – stimulating the ecosystem, fostering a conducive regulatory environment, and driving the growth of innovative enterprises in the MENA region.

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