Strong Message, Flawed Messenger: “Best Practices” for Private-Equity Investing in the Global Goals


By David Bank | May 29 2018

Read the full article at ImpactAlpha here.

In the mobilization of global capital to meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, private equity firms investing in emerging or “growth” markets have a special and perhaps irreplaceable role to play.

The report makes a compelling case for private equity firms to drive change at scale and speed, especially in emerging markets. Key SDGs, such as renewable energy, health care, education, food production and gender “play to the PE agenda,” the report said. (The top global risks identified by the World Economic Forum’s most recent survey are directly related to the SDGs, according to the report. Those include extreme weather events, food security, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse, “all of which can have material impacts on a company’s operational costs, reputation and profitability.”)

Read the full article at ImpactAlpha here.