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Are you raising a fund or planning to do so in the next 12 months? Portico Advisers has released a concise guide that enables you to create a presentation that addresses LPs’ key questions. Portico’s Informal Guide to Raising Your First Private Equity Fund includes:

  • A 27-page sample pitchbook 
  • The four key questions that every pitchbook should answer
  • Key questions to ask yourself before building a pitchbook
  • An outline for your presentation
  • Guidance on the content that each slide should contain
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when building a pitchbook
  • Advice on establishing a brand identity
  • Considerations on back-office functions and governance issues
  • Pointers on delivering your pitch

Given Portico’s support of EMPEA’s mission, the firm is extending an exclusive 40% discount on all items in its store to members of EMPEA’s IR & Marketing community, as well as delegates of the Private Equity Masterclass.

This includes Portico’s Informal Guide + Sample Pitchbook as well as its Detailed Pitchbook Review service (both available as a discounted bundle).

Simply use the coupon code “EMPEA 2018” at checkout. This offer is valid through 9 June 2018.