EM PE Quarterly Review – Volume VI, Issue 3

in this issue Articles Beyond Standards: Integrating Responsible Investment into Your Portfolio The Opportunity and Challenge of Private Equity in Vietnam: Mekong Capital’s Experience Inside Perspectives: An Interview with the IFC Asset Management Company (IFC AMC) Team Industry Data EMPEA Industry Statistics Funds Launched & Closed EM PE Performance Notable Exits & IPOs Viewpoint… Read More

EMPEA Insight: Cleantech (April 2010)

Approximately 25 private equity funds dedicated to cleantech investing in emerging markets have been launched since January 2009, although EMPEA estimates that emerging markets drew less than 15% of total private equity investment in cleantech per year in both 2008 and 2009. However, emerging markets are ascending as leaders… Read More

EMPEA Insight: Infrastructure (April 2009)

Infrastructure is among the sectors poised to benefit during the global financial crisis. Private investment will play a growing role over the medium term, as governments in emerging economies look to leverage trade surplus-derived reserves…  … Read More

EMPEA Insight: Real Estate (Feb. 2009)

The real estate sector in emerging markets is drawing investment from a growing pool of capital, including both established private equity investors seeking real estate opportunities as well as a number of sector specialists who have adopted the private equity model. Read More

EMPEA Insight: Cleantech (April 2008)

Global investments in cleantech reached US$148.4 billion in 2007, an increase of 60% over 2006, with private equity and venture capital accounting for US$9.8 billion, which represents a 34% increase versus 2006.  … Read More

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