In February of 2018, African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM) invested an undisclosed amount for a 37.8% stake in Starsight Energy, a Nigeria-based provider of clean on-grid and off-grid energy services.

With AIIM’s support, Starsight Energy is able to measure the unit economics of each deployment and ensure prices are fair to the customer supply power efficiently. This is done through a combination of newly developed solar and hybrid generation systems, energy storage capacity and cooling-as-a-service solutions. AIIM also helped Starsight hire an ESG Officer and implement IFC’s sustainability reporting standards to measure and report on the company’s environmental impact.

Since AIIM’s investment, Starsight has provided energy solutions to over 540 clients across Nigeria and Ghana, delivering over 48 megawatts (MW) of installed power generating capacity, 35 megawatts hours (MWh) of battery storage and 17,754 horsepower in cooling capacity.