Emerging Asia Data Insight (Year-End 2018)


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As investors continue to seek out lucrative private capital opportunities in Emerging Asia, fund managers active in the region have been ready to meet demand, raising USD76 billion in 2018. China proved to be the most popular destination for institutional capital in the region, accounting for USD35 billion in funds raised. However, Pan-Asia funds also attracted USD32 billion in 2018, and ASEAN markets have benefited from increasing deployment outside of the region’s anchor markets. Indeed, capital invested in Southeast Asia increased by 158%, year over year, with Hopu Investment Management and Hillhouse Capital Management contributing USD5 billion in equity to the USD12 billion acquisition of Singapore-based Global Logistic Properties in early 2018. Beyond large-cap buyouts, venture capital (VC) activity in ASEAN countries has also grown, with the strategy accounting for 189 of the 268 deals completed in the bloc in 2018. Specifically, VC investments in Indonesia skyrocketed by 94%, year over year, half of which were allocated to fintech companies by GPs interested in addressing the country’s financial inclusion needs. As VC investment soars, Southeast Asia’s maturing market is only beginning to blossom.