EMPEA Special Report: Asian LP Sentiment Toward Private Equity

In the current economic environment, competition for capital is fierce and GPs must increasingly look for new funding sources to complement their traditional investor base. This report takes another step toward providing a greater understanding of the pools of capital outside of North America and Western Europe that may potentially be available for EM PE investment.

EMPEA surveyed 13 leading LPs based in the Asia-Pacific region, which were identified by EMPEA’s Asia Council as among the region’s most active or potentially most active investors in EM PE. This study provides insight on how Asia-based LPs view EM PE – in Asia and outside the region, as well as within the context of a broader portfolio inclusive of Western and global PE exposure. Key questions addressed by the study include:

  • What role are Asia-based LPs currently playing in the Asia region today and what influence will they have in the future?
  • How viable are Asian institutional investors as a source of funding for emerging market-focused funds beyond Asia?
  • What are the key barriers for Asian LPs as they commence or consider expanding their commitment to PE generally and EM PE more specifically?
  • Which region(s) will be favored?