Hony Capital invested US$200 million for a 24.8% stake in the company.

  • Company Headquarters: Singapore
  • Business focus: Medical devices


  • As a financial backer and strategic local partner, Hony Capital helped Biosensors align interests amongst all shareholders in its Chinese joint venture, JW Medical, and expand its business in China
  • Between FY 2010 and FY 2012, Biosensors grew revenues from SGD147 million to SGD369 million, a CAGR of 59%, while increasing its gross margins by 7.7 percentage points
  • Biosensors has grown its business in China from 9% of its total revenue in FY 2011 to 21% of its total revenue in FY 2012
  • Biosensors’s pioneering drug-eluting technology has helped the company to penetrate markets in 70 countries