EMSA Capital expanded Bonbonetti’s profit margins and extended the company’s reach into Central Asia, the US, and Western and Central Europe.

Company Headquarters:  Hungary
Business focus:  Food & Beverage
Growth:  In 2007, Bonbonetti became debt free and cash flow positive

impact highlights

  • EMSA Capital introduced efficient streamlining of product, operational and financial processes to ensure Bonbonetti controlled leverage and became cash positive
  • Bonbonetti established an independent export department, which now accounts for up to 30% of sales; the company has expanded its reach into Central Asia, the United States, and Western and Central Europe
  • Throughout the investment, Bonbonetti has been able to preserve the Hungarian confectionery tradition by enhancing management practices and training its employees
  • Bonbonetti recently underwent a UTZ certification audit to provide its customers third-party verification that the company sources its raw cocoa sustainably