TunInvest-AfricInvest Group invested US$19.5 million for a 31.2% stake in 2006.

Company Headquarters:  Tunisia
Business Focus:  Flexible Packaging
Revenue:  US$33.3 million (2010)
Employees:  209

Impact Highlights

  • With support from TunInvest, Cogitel has grown from a family-owned SME with a highly fragmented equity structure into the core holding of North Africa’s leading flexible packaging manufacturing group
  • In the five years to 2010, Cogitel’s revenues doubled to US$33.3 million, while its exports grew to 51% of total sales
  • Cogitel adopted a number of environmentally sustainable policies to reduce waste and energy use, generating economic gains in excess of $675,000 (or roughly 2% of revenues) in 2010
  • Cogitel has obtained several international health, safety, and quality assurance certifications; these have enabled the company to penetrate European markets and improve its operating efficiency and customer satisfaction