In 2009, Helios Investment Partners led a consortium of investors in the formation of Helios Towers Africa.

  • Company Headquarters: Ghana, Tanzania, DRC
  • Business focus: Telecom Infrastructure

Impact Highlights

  • Since its founding, HTA has grown rapidly— more than doubling revenues each year since 2010—to become a leading independent telecom infrastructure company in Africa, with one of the largest telecom tower portfolios on the continent
  • By working with mobile operators and regulators, HTA has been able to change the business model of operators; instead of running their own towers, operators now outsource management and ownership to tower companies
  • These business model enhancements reduce operational costs, allow mobile operators to focus on their core business, and free up capital for investments in coverage expansion and end-user service improvement
  • HTA has been recognized for its energy management system, which has cut carbon dioxide emissions across its towers by more than one ton each month and is increasingly enabling connectivity, including in remote, under-served areas