Clearwater invested US$45–50 million from June 2006 to August 2010.

Company Headquarters:  India
Business focus:  Commercial vehicle components manufacturer
Revenue:  US$220 million (2010)
Growth:  Annual revenues have grown from roughly US$75 million to US$220 million

impact highlights

  • Jamna Auto has transformed from a loss-making business to a company generating US$25 million in EBITDA, and growing each year
  • Clearwater helped consolidate Jamna’s three corporate entities into one core business, streamlining operations and capturing economies of scale
  • Strategic asset purchase negotiations have ensured a long-term offtake agreement with Tata Group, the Indian multinational conglomerate, for the manufacture of commercial vehicle springs
  • Clearwater has helped professionalize Jamna’s business, while strengthening its Board of Directors and improving corporate governance