Global Capital Management invested US$53.8 million for a majority (51%) stake in the company.

  • Company Headquarters: Oman
  • Business focus: Steel tube and structural products
  • Revenue: US$237 million in 2011

impact highlights

  • Global guided Jazeera Steel through a sharp contraction in the world steel market, reduced its borrowing costs by more than 200 basis points, and modernized resource management systems to decrease inventory stocks
  • With Global’s support, Jazeera Steel salvaged a crucial factory expansion that had been behind schedule and over budget, nearly doubling the company’s profits within four years of its acquisition
  • By introducing health and safety benchmarks tied to managers’ key performance indicators, Global strengthened Jazeera Steel’s accountability for workers’ wellbeing
  • Global pursued dialogue with Jazeera Steel’s labor union early on, creating an atmosphere of trust that later minimized factory shutdowns during civil unrest in 2011