In 2009, Harith invested US$30 million for a 25% stake in Main One Cable Company.

  • Company Headquarters: Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo
  • Business focus: Infrastructure

Impact Highlights

  • Main One built an undersea 1.92 terabitper- second fiber-optic cable linking landing sites in Accra and Lagos with Portugal for onward connection to London
  • An estimated 60% of Nigeria’s 25 million internet users access the World Wide Web through Main One’s lines as of February 2014
  • Harith provided strategic and operational guidance to Main One as increasing competition reshaped the ICT landscape; as a result, Main One has developed highmargin, value-added services such as data centers to diversify its revenue streams
  • Main One has partnered with schools and universities in Nigeria to provide affordable internet access
  • The company has also partnered with the Lagos State Government, the United States Trade and Development Agency and Google, among others, to extend its infrastructure network across Nigeria