Mekong Capital has a 33.5 percent stake in Mobile World.

Company Headquarters: Vietnam
Business focus: Mobile devices and consumer electronics
Revenue: US$225 million (FY 2011 sales)

impact highlights

  • Mekong Capital partnered with Mobile World in its early development phase and helped the company grow into the market share leader in Vietnam’s mobile device sector
  • Mekong Capital helped build the company’s capacity for recruiting and retaining employees, fostered connections with sector experts and international industry leaders, transformed the company’s incentive system and supported its management in expanding into new business areas
  • During Mekong Capital’s partnership with Mobile World, the company has added over 200 retail outlets, assumed national market leadership in mobile device retailing, created a new concept and brand around consumer electronics, and its revenues have grown at a 60% annual rate
  • Since 2007, Mobile World has created nearly 8,000 jobs spread across every province in Vietnam