Stratus invested US$40 million in 2010.

Company Headquarters:  Brazil
Business focus:  Textine / Waste Management
Revenue:  BRL120 million
Employees:  450

impact highlights

  • Unnafibras specializes in the manufacturing of fibers from 100% recycled PET bottles for higher value-added products. It is now the largest producer of recycled polyester fibers in Brazil.
  • With Stratus on board, Unnafibras is now developing more strategically towards an IPO on the Brazilian market, boosting its position with new recycling facilities and by identifying potential acquisitions.
  • In introducing bi-components fibers, Unnafibras has identified an undeveloped market in Brazil that will build on its track record for innovation.
  • Supported by Stratus, Unnafibras is developing a bottle-to-bottle project which will help consumer goods companies achieve a more sustainable business model with a steady supply of recycled PET bottles.