PineBridge Investments invested US$24 million out of its New Europe Fund I for a 46% stake in 2010.

Company Headquarters:  Poland
Business focus:  Convenience store operator
Revenue:  Turnover of US$400 million (FY 2007)

impact highlights

  • With support from PineBridge, Zabka developed over 1,400 stores and increased its revenues from US$50 million in 2000 to roughly US$400 million in 2007; it is now one of the largest convenience store networks in Europe
  • PineBridge helped to increase sales per store by expanding the product mix, improving inventory management and pursuing an advertising campaign
  • During PineBridge’s involvement, Zabka restructured and reduced the costs of store owners (“Agents”) and company management (“Partners”), and reduced store operating costs
  • PineBridge helped to professionalize Zabka’s business by driving improvements in corporate governance and strengthening the Board of Directors