In September 2012, Insitor Partners invested USD57m in the Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center (CMRC), a UAE-based medical care provider that offers specialized inpatient, outpatient and homecare services to patients requiring short-term comprehensive rehabilitation as well as long-term care related to chronic illness or injury.

With TVM Capital Healthcare’s support, CMRC opened new rehabilitation facilities and expanded to Saudi Arabia in 2019. They also strategized to diversify the CMRC’s services by developing a unique licensed program to treat cerebral palsy patients. As of October 2021, over 1,100 inpatients have been served by CMRC, while nearly 40,000 outpatient visits took place in 2020 alone.

MNT-Halan prioritizes lending to women entrepreneurs, which represent 53% of its customer base as of the end of 2021, thereby increasing their economic articipation. The company plans to continue to provide a comprehensive digital ecosystem for the underbanked, rolling out services such as salary advances, fixed-income lending and physical credit cards.