Legal & Regulatory Bulletin – Issue No. 22, Summer 2017


The EMPEA Summer Bulletin focuses on various topics including the changing relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union, recent currency and policy developments in China (particularly, the “One Belt Road” policy) and the likely impact of a new bankruptcy code on private credit and private equity industry participants in India. This issue also provides a general framework and snapshot of fifteen emerging market tax regimes, which will interest investors in those markets. Future issues of the Bulletin will explore the tax regimes of specific markets in greater depth.

In this Bulletin our contributors focus on:

  • The first general election since the UK voted to leave the European Union-Brexit: What are the implications for the asset management industry? And what is the current state of affairs as Brexit negotiation talks commence?
  • The 2016 Indian Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code: What opportunities are presented for private capital and for whom?
  • One Belt One Road—implications for the pace and acceptance of the renminbi: What do recent policies and transactions imply for expansion along the revitalized Silk Road?
  • A general framework to look at the tax regimes in fifteen emerging markets-an overview: What are some of the tax drivers impacting investor and manager decisions and where are the gaps and challenges?