Legal & Regulatory Bulletin – Issue No. 24, Winter 2018

The year promises to be an active one for regulatory initiatives and the EMPEA Winter Bulletin focuses on positive as well as challenging developments including the impact of MiFID II in the UK on emerging market fund managers, recent shareholder and creditor pre-investment corporate restructuring limitations in Nigeria, the relaxation of licensing and registration for private, non-real estate investment funds and asset managers for sophisticated investors in Saudi Arabia and elements of due diligence of interest to minority investors in online platforms in emerging markets.


Bulletin contributions:

  • MiFID II-What Does it Really Mean for You?: With MiFID II taking effect in January 2018, what should you be doing now including considerations related to clients, staff training, categories of investors and updating existing written policies and procedures?\
  • What are the Limits of Shareholder Schemes of Credit Arrangement as a Tool for Pre-Investment Corporate Restructuring in Nigeria?: How are the Nigerian supervisory authorities and courts viewing attempts to extend traditional pre-investment restructuring among shareholders to transfer third party liabilities to separate entities?
  • Might Recent Relaxed Requirements for Saudi Arabian Funds and Fund Managers Expand Opportunities?: What are the likely consequences of recent changes to capital requirements for fund managers and the opening up of private funds to high net worth individuals? How to meet the definitions?
  • When Investing in Online Platforms, What are Key Due Diligence Considerations for the Minority Investor?: How should a minority investor focus its due diligence efforts to understand the key regulatory aspects of a potential investment?