In July 2019, Mediterrania Capital Partners invested in Aziza, a food retail operator based in Tunisia.

Mediterrania helped Aziza optimize its supply chain by reducing the number of imported products, focusing on agreements with local suppliers and expanding its own product line. In partnership with Mediterrania, Aziza also launched energy efficiency initiatives, including improved chiller doors on refrigerated multideck cabinets, shelf-edge technology and a new solar photovoltaic system to be widely installed at its stores by the end of 2021.

In addition, Aziza launched new gender equality and diversity initiatives, committing to a 50/50 gender split across the management team and all functions, integrating diversity metrics into managers’ performance reviews and promoting ongoing business training for women to help them transition into leadership roles.

In 2020, Aziza’s revenues increased by 32% and EBITDA rose by 110% in comparison to 2019.