Inaugural Report On Venture-Backed Startups Across EM

GPCA’s Inaugural Report On Venture-Backed Startups Across EM

Today, Asia is an epicenter of global startup momentum and the year 2019 marked records for venture investment in a number of emerging private capital markets, including Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, India, and CEE & CIS. Venture Capital in emerging markets has more than doubled (in dollar terms) since 2014, tracing a steady growth trajectory that will be disrupted by the 2020 COVID-19 global health pandemic in ways foreseen and unforeseen.

Opportunities for innovation around health care, education, and logistics are at the forefront as we collectively adjust and respond to new global realities. One certainty: The resilience and resourcefulness of global entrepreneurs will be tested in the year ahead as the need for cost-effective solutions to complex problems comes into sharper view.

Access Trends in Global VC+Tech, GPCA’s inaugural report on venture-backed startups across emerging markets with 2019 data on VC fundraising and investments, as well as market breakdowns including top VC deals by size, most active venture investors, and tech sector highlights.