In July 2016, True North acquired a majority stake in SeedWorks International, a hybrid seeds developer and manufacturer based in India.

True North and SeedWorks implemented a growth strategy for hybrid rice and cotton seeds, testing products across 691 locations in key agro-climatic zones in India, rebuilding the vegetable seeds business with a focus on tomato, peppers, okra and gourds, and expanding product lines through the 2019 acquisition of Krishna Research Seeds.

SeedWorks oriented R&D efforts to meet individual farmer preferences related to factors such as yield, climate, soil conditions, disease resistance and taste. By meeting the needs of individual farmers, SeedWorks is helping to improve farm output and maximize incomes.

At the same time the company’s EBITDA margins expanded to 22% four years post-investment. In September 2020, True North partially exited its stake via a secondary sale to Global Environment Fund.