GrowthGate Capital has published for the fourth consecutive year its White Paper on Private Equity in MENA in conjunction with Harvard Business School faculty members (MBA Class of 2013) and under the supervision of Professor Josh Lerner, the Jacob H Schiff professor of Investment Banking at Harvard Business School.

GrowthGate Capital has initiated and contributed to this White Paper as part of its commitment to raising the educational awareness of the Private Equity (PE) industry that benefits a whole community of LPs, GPs, regulators, professionals, advisers, academics and other practitioners interested in this subject.

This year’s White Paper, which is entitled: “Doing Well While Acting Good” addresses the topic of good corporate governance and its direct correlation to good corporate performance globally, and more specifically, in the context of the MENA region. The study reviews the various stages of development that corporate governance has witnessed and continues to face in the regional legal and corporate frameworks.