Globalturk Capital and EMPEA’s Second Annual Executive Briefing, with Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek

For a prime example of the gap between the macro risks of a country, actual or perceived, and the reality on the ground of private capital investment opportunities, look no further than Turkey, a US$861 billion GDP economy with a population of nearly 80 million people and a median age of 31.

While media headlines provide ample coverage of political and currency risks in Turkey, fundraising for GPs is on the up, investments are being made and great exits are getting accomplished. Approximately US$2 billion is estimated to be available right now to invest in the most promising future national and regional champions in consumer goods and services, healthcare and others sectors. For a more complete picture, please see the full report coming from the Globalturk Capital and EMPEA’s Second Annual Executive Briefing on Private Equity Investment in Turkey and Environs, held in Istanbul on 15 December 2016.