Asia Director


Singapore Office

Felicia Chia is the Asia Director at GPCA, where she leads our efforts to expand GPCA’s footprint and membership in Asia. In addition to her primary responsibilities, Felicia also serves as the Head of Asia based in Singapore, where she provides critical support to GPCA’s broader programming and advocacy initiatives throughout the region.

Felicia began her career at the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she focused on key bilateral portfolios and strategic engagements. She also honed her skills and network while working at a business intelligence and research firm, where she conducted complex cross-border investigations with a global team. Felicia’s former experience also includes leading teams in Singapore and Indonesia, conducting extensive industry research and market analysis to inform strategic decision-making. Felicia was previously part of the membership and marketing teams at GPCA when the Singapore office was established in 2021.

Felicia earned her BA in Southeast Asian Studies from the National University of Singapore, where she developed a deep understanding of the region’s unique cultures and business practices. Fluent in Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia, Felicia is a versatile and dynamic leader with a passion for building bridges and driving growth across diverse markets.