An EMPEA Masterclass with Faculty Leader EY

12 February 2014  |  EY House, 35 Lower Long Street  |  Cape Town

Leading private equity firms are maximizing investment returns by developing value creation insights before making a purchase and executing a value creation plan from the beginning of the holding period through to exit.

Companies that faithfully execute their value creation plans throughout the investment lifecycle and apply the same amount of focus at exit as they do at acquisition can enhance returns and outperform their peer group when they sell.

Join EMPEA, EY and leading African PE investors for an EMPEA Masterclass on Value Creation through the Private Equity Lifecycle. Led by our expert faculty, this in-depth workshop features candid, closed-door discussions designed to leave all attendees better equipped to maximize the value of their investments within the unique landscape of the African market.

Topics covered include:

  • Using the diligence process to identify value creation opportunities
  • Value creation drivers during the holding period
  • How to maximize value leading up to and during the selling process

View the agenda | Registration is now closed.

EMPEA Members receive special discounts and package rates available for registration in conjunction with Private Equity in Southern Africa.


Additional Value Creation Resources


Harvesting Growth: How do private equity investors create value?
A joint study of private equity exits in Africa by AVCA and EY

Africa is experiencing exceptional economic growth, a rising middle class and relative political stability – themes that make the continent an increasingly attractive investment focus. A burgeoning, yet viable, private equity market has emerged. Although the market is in its infancy, key themes are already developing, including more robust exit activity than many might expect., (Source: EY and AVCA, 2013)



Building Vital Partnerships: How do private equity investors create value?
A joint study of private equity exits in Latin America by EMPEA and EY

Our second annual study, looking at how PE investors create value in Latin American businesses, extends our research into PE’s transformational role in Latin America’s continued economic development. The results of this year’s study confirm our initial findings—PE firms are focused on growth and hands-on partnerships with entrepreneurs to transform companies into market leaders. Through extensive involvement, PE investors work with the entrepreneurs they back to identify and develop new products, expand geographically and exit profitably. (Source: EY and EMPEA, 2013)


Dynamic Growth: Value Creation in Latin America
A joint study of private equity exits in Latin America by EMPEA and EY

To uncover how value creation is achieved in the emerging markets, EY and EMPEA teamed to produce this emerging markets edition of E’Ys annual “How do private equity investors create value?” study, looking specifically at Brazil and Latin America. The study revealed that private equity in the rest of the world is in fact evolving to more closely resemble the model in the emerging markets. (Source: EY and EMPEA, 2012)