Funds flock to Southeast Asian startups as China loses sheen

“There are still individual U.S. cities where startups are raising more money than all of the startups in Southeast Asia,” said Julie Ruvolo, managing director of venture capital at Global Private Capital Association, which says its 300 members manage assets of more than $2 trillion. Read… Read More

Capital Industry in the Middle East

The Middle East and North Africa region and the adjacent South Asian market have seen an expansion of private capital investment with the emergence of technological opportunities. The global digital revolution in the region has caused its private capital industry to grow over the past few years, according to the… Read More

Fintech driving private capital investment across MENA

Fintech is driving investment across the MENA region according to a new report by the Global Private Capital Association (GPCA). The report, titled 2022 MENA Data Insight, highlights the importance of technological opportunities across the region. Read More… Read More

MENA private capital industry surges further with tech advancements

The Middle East and North Africa region and its neighboring South Asian market have seen an expansion in private capital investment as technological opportunities arise. The region’s global digital revolution has caused growth in the its private capital industry over the past few years, according to the 2022 MENA Data Insight report published by… Read More

Mena private capital deals number 214 worth $19bn in H1

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) assets in the region are growing – driven by the energy crisis – which are being deployed in tech companies and start-ups in Mena and other global private capital markets, said the 2022 Mena Data Insight report from the Global Private Capital Association (GPCA). Read More

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