ESG in Infrastructure

This brief draws upon engagement with the EMPEA Energy & Infrastructure Council. Members of the Council recognize both the importance and nuanced nature ESG issues have in infrastructure investing in emerging markets. This brief is designed to help articulate those nuances and help support practitioners understanding of ESG in the… Read More

Private Equity in India

  An Introduction to Private Equity in India India’s reputation as an assault on the senses is well deserved. Visit any of the country’s 29 states, nearly 8,000 cities and towns, or over 600,000 villages, and one is typically confronted by an onslaught of vibrant colors, musical sounds, rich smells,… Read More

Legal & Regulatory Bulletin – Issue No. 18, Summer 2016

In this Bulletin, our contributors focus on: Debt investment in India and whether Mauritius is now and will in future be a preferred investment route: Reviewing a protocol amending the agreement between India and Mauritius in relation to double taxation and challenges presented by India’s General Anti-Avoidance Rules, the treatment… Read More

Liquidity Options in Permanent Capital Vehicles

  By Cindy Valentine and Ravi Chopra, King & Wood Mallesons Although permanent capital structures have been used in Europe and the US for many years in various forms, emerging markets have trailed developed markets when it comes to alternative structures. While managers in emerging markets have been talking about,… Read More

Currency Risk Management Survey

  EMPEA’s Currency Risk Management Survey is the first pan-emerging markets exploration of the impact of currency volatility on the private equity industry. The survey features the views of 146 industry practitioners, and aims to provide the industry with a better understanding of how both GPs and LPs* report and manage exchange rate… Read More

Private Equity in Mexico

  An Introduction to Private Equity in Mexico For decades, Mexico remained under the radar as private equity investors with an interest in Latin America poured their money into Brazil. Headline risk around corruption and the war on drugs, a relatively small pool of fund managers, and the high concentration… Read More

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reference Guide

In the age of transparency, ESG reporting has evolved into a common practice for private equity practitioners in emerging markets, as evident by the shift in the dialogue around ESG. Instead of speculating over the value of ESG reporting, practitioners are instead engaging around strategies to enhance the quality and… Read More

2016 Global Limited Partners Survey

  The 12th annual edition of EMPEA’s Global Limited Partners Survey features the views of 107 limited partners (LPs) on the emerging markets private equity (EM PE) asset class. This study aims to provide the industry with a better understanding of how LPs’ strategies for investing are evolving; what challenges… Read More

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