Legal & Regulatory Bulletin – Issue No. 27, Spring 2019

The latest edition of EMPEA’s Legal and Regulatory Bulletin explores a range of issues impacting private investment across the world (particularly, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, China, the EU, and the US) and the implications of those issues for practitioners. Bulletin contributions: Contributors take a deep-dive into new data… Read More

Management Equity: Driving the Right Outcomes

The success of any company turns on the quality and the performance of its senior management. Recruiting, retaining, and motivating those key individuals is, therefore, a high priority for investors. Providing these individuals with the opportunity to acquire a stake in the company is an effective way of achieving these… Read More

Political Intervention in M&A: Overview and Implications for Private Equity

Although political interventions have traditionally tended to focus on national security, defense, critical infrastructure, access to sensitive information, and employment, the scope of many FDI regimes is being extended to cover high tech industries and critical technologies. For example, France has recently broadened the sectors covered by its regime (effective… Read More

EMPEA Data Insights (Year-End 2018)

The EMPEA Data Insights are quarterly updates of high-level trends and notable developments in all major emerging market regions plus Brazil, China, and India. The Data Insights offer unique access to EMPEA’s statistics at the regional and country level and provide detailed analytics of fundraising trends and deal flow.   EMPEA… Read More

Year-End 2018 Global Private Capital Industry Statistics

EMPEA Members log in to receive exclusive access to the detailed report (PDF) and underlying data (Excel).    EMPEA’s year-end 2018 Industry Statistics reveal unprecedented levels of global investor interest in Emerging Asia, as well as a recovery in capital raised for private capital opportunities in Latin America and… Read More

Disputes in Relation to Private Equity

Low interest rates and the search for greater returns have led to increased private equity investment: deal activity in the US and UK has been at its highest level since 2007. While this growth is good news for the industry, disputes are becoming more frequent as a consequence, particularly given… Read More

EU General Data Protection Regulation: A Primer for Funds and Portfolio Companies

Fund managers, investment advisers and portfolio companies doing business in the European Union have recently been required to adjust their procedures for data handling in light of Europe’s new privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“). While this process has required the investment of significant resources, many businesses have… Read More

Legal & Regulatory Bulletin – Issue No. 26, Fall 2018

The regulatory environment continues to move at a fast pace. What was previously considered market practice has moved rapidly to become negotiable, an array of issues are likely to give rise to disputes in relation to private equity investments. Many entities doing business in the European Union have not only… Read More

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