In January 2020, NXTP Ventures invested USD1.36m in Kangu, a Brazil-based vertically integrated platform that enables low-cost and efficient deliveries by leveraging small local businesses as pick-up and drop-off locations for packages. Kangu aims to make the e-commerce industry more efficient by transforming small businesses into logistics hubs called Kangu Points.

With NXTP’s support, Kangu has become the fastest growing e-commerce logistics platform in Latin America, with revenues increasing 100x yearly as of December 2020. In October 2021, the company delivered over 8.5 million packages through more than 5,000 Kangu Points in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

Kangu plans to continue growing sustainably while supporting the development of local businesses and communities. When a store partners with Kangu, it receives a commission on every package it scans. Kangu estimates that businesses in its network have seen an increase of up to 10x in extra income after one year of being a Kangu Point.