Bright Africa: A look at transaction multiples across the continent

RisCura Fundamentals recently launched Bright Africa, a new report that provides a uniquely comprehensive look at the price of investing across the continent. With investors from around the world looking for growth in a post-financial crisis world, the Bright Africa report demonstrates that to fully participate in the African… Read More

3 Opportunities the West Misses in the Middle East

An interview with Arif Naqvi, Founder and Group Chief Executive of The Abraaj Group. “Those who believe linear careers are linearly predictable might think Arif Naqvi has had consistently bad timing. The Karachi-born investor studied Soviet Economic Systems and National Planning at the London School of Economics a… Read More

A World Awash in Money: Capital Trends Through 2020

To better understand how underlying capital trends will influence the long-term global investment environment, Bain & Company’s Macro Trends Group investigated how the quantity and scale of assets on the world balance sheet have evolved over time. The report concludes that the world is characterized by capital “superabundance,” but… Read More

Fortune Favours the Informed: The African Paradox

This white paper from Delta Partners aims to illuminate some of the realities behind African investment opportunities, misapprehensions that shape general perceptions and the specific types of TMT investment deals we foresee for the near future. Read More

Private Equity into High-Risk Markets

Kroll Advisory Solution's latest research report explores private equity’s approach to conducting due diligence on investments in emerging markets. The study, developed in partnership with mergermarket, polled 50 private equity investors on their experience in emerging markets to uncover the most common obstacles presented in these jurisdictions. Read More

Private Equity Opportunities in the BRICs and Beyond

A recent white paper from multi-strategy private equity investment firm Siguler Guff & Co. argues that investment opportunities in Russia, Brazil, China and India will dominate future emerging markets private equity fundraising, while services and other sectors linked to domestic consumption are among the most attractive sectors for investment. Read More

Embracing the Lion: The Private Equity Climate in Africa

Emerging markets private equity fund of funds investor Avanz Capital has published a report on private equity in Africa titled “Embracing the Lion: The Private Equity Climate in Africa.” Avanz Capital argues for the growth potential of African private equity based on the underpenetrated state of the market and… Read More

Financier Worldwide Magazine | Special Report: Private Equity

First published in Financier worldwide magazine in August 2012 EMPEA would like to thank Financier Worldwide Magazine for their kind permission to use this report. For further information please visit: A strong performance in the first six months of 2011 left investors with renewed… Read More

2012 Global Venture Capital Confidence Survey

Global venture capitalists see pockets of optimism in the current venture capital environment, according to the 2012 Global Venture Capital Confidence Survey from Deloitte and the National Venture Capital Association. More than 440 venture capital, private equity and growth equity investors in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and Israel… Read More

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