Global Energy: The Private Equity Opportunity of the Century

This report marks the second issue in BerchWood Partners’ 2013 series of private equity market surveys, which are intended as a vehicle to share Berchwood's views and insights with colleagues in the private equity community about specific regions and sectors considered particularly noteworthy. This issue highlights the fundamental shifts… Read More

Powering a Continent’s Growth

The Energy and Resource Efficiency Opportunity in Africa For more information on this report, please contact George McPherson at or +1 240 482 8933. Read More

Africa will Import, not Export Wood

Africa has supplied the world with raw materials for centuries. Along with gold, diamonds, platinum, iron ore, salt, copper, coal, tea, coffee and, more recently, oil and gas, Africa has exported wood and wood products in large quantities, most notably in the form of tropical hardwood logs and pulp. Read More

Private equity value creation in Europe

Ernst & Young's eighth annual study of private equity value creation in Europe is framed slightly differently than reports in previous years. This year’s report debunks certain myths put forward by the industry’s detractors — namely that PE cuts jobs, strips assets and relies on leverage for returns. To… Read More

Doing Well While Acting Good

GrowthGate Capital has published for the fourth consecutive year its White Paper on Private Equity in MENA in conjunction with Harvard Business School faculty members (MBA Class of 2013) and under the supervision of Professor Josh Lerner, the Jacob H Schiff professor of Investment Banking at Harvard Business School. Read More

Private equity value creation in North America

Ernst & Young's seventh study of private equity (PE) value creation in North America finds firms are shifting their focus as the financial crisis recedes. In the immediate aftermath of the crisis, cost-cutting and value preservation were vital. More recently, PE has taken a different path, standardizing and systemizing… Read More

Project 158

In November 2011, OPIC issued its first Global Engagement Call for proposals from qualified emerging markets private equity fund managers. Unique from earlier OPIC calls for proposals, the Global Engagement Call expanded the range of investment strategies and structures under consideration. Yet similar to earlier calls, the Global Engagement… Read More

China Secondaries: Investment Universe

Secondary directs, the purchase from GPs of individual investments or a select portfolio of China private equity investments, potentially offer some of the better risk-adjusted investment opportunities in China for PE firms and LP direct investors. Based on China First Capital's research of both publicly-disclosed PE investments in China… Read More

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